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UFC 218 Predictions: Main Card

by Octagon Betting ~ November 30th, 2017

The countdown for UFC 218 has begun. Here’s our betting predictions for the main card.

All of the odds below are taken from, our top rated sportsbook for UFC betting.

Michelle Waterson vs Tecia Torres

A close fight for Tecia Torres in my opinion. I do see Michelle Waterson getting the win as her submission and striking is always improving and she has fought much tougher opponents than Tecia Torres. A good underdog bet for Michelle. Michelle Waterson by decision.

Michelle Waterson to win head to head +209.

Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje

I’ve picked Justin Gaethje for the win here since Eddie got knocked out by Conor McGregor and a no contest in his last fight with Dustin Piorier wasn’t an impressive one. I have a feeling that Justin will be a very difficult fight. Eddie might get finished in this one. Justin Gaethje to win by KO.

Justin Gaethje to win head to head -178.

Henry Cejudo vs Sergio Pettis

Both great fighters. Pettis put a great display of footwork and striking in his last fight although he is stepping into the top five. Henry has been here for a while I see a decision here with Henry coming away with the win in a close decision.

Henry Cejudo to win head to head -275.

Alistair Overeem vs Francis Ngannou

I’ve got Francis for the KO here. Alistair has had some impressive wins of late but Francis is very tough he won’t go down easy. Alistair might be going down on this fight. Francis Ngannou to win by KO.

Francis N’Gannou to win head to head -245.

Jose Aldo vs Max Halloway

I’d like to ask will the old Aldo show up? Max is always impressive and ready for wars. I’ve got Max again for another KO in a similar performance in his last fight vs Aldo. I really can’t fault Max. Max Halloway to win by KO.

Max Halloway to win head to head -290.

UFC 218 Predictions: Prelim Fights

by Octagon Betting ~ November 29th, 2017

Our betting predictions for the preliminary card for UFC 218 taking place Saturday, Dec. 2.

All of the odds below are taken from, our top rated sportsbook for UFC betting.

Allen Crowder vs Justin Willis

This is Allen’s fourth fight this year. I do see a KO going down. Allen was recently in Dana White’s Contender Series staying active. I do see him getting the easier KO here or a least a decision. A good underdog bet here. He has many back to back KO’s and he could get it done here under 1.5 rounds but a safe bet head to head.

Allen Crowder to win head to head +175.

Angela Magana vs Amanda Cooper

They both fought on the Ultimate fighter series. Angela has fought much tougher opponents than Amanda but has lost to all of them of late. But she is the more experienced fighter in this fight and has to get a desperate win here for her career but still a tough fight for her. Another underdog bet here but a small play here.

Angela Magana to win head to head +355.

Dominick Reyes vs Jeremy Kimball

Dominick has had a very good run with no losses. Although Jeremy is the more experienced fighter in this bout I see Dominick getting the win here inside the distance is a good bet if available.

Dominick Reyes to win head to head -455.

Abdul Razak Alhassan vs Sabah Homasi

I’ve picked Abdul here as he is a good finisher and has good knockout power. Sabah Homasi has not fought in over a year. Abdul Razak Alhassan for an easy KO here if available.

Razak Alhassan to win head to head -230.

Felice Herrig vs Courtney Casey

I’ve picked Courtney Casey as she went the distance with a loss to Claudia Gadelha and an impressive submission of Randa Markos. See her pick up her game here as she is the underdog in this fight will end up in a decision. But watch Courtney she will be working hard trying to win inside the distance but Felice wont go down easy.

Courtney Casey to win head to head +115.

Dakkar Klose vs David Teymur

This is a very close fight both are up and coming fighters. both have fought opponents with bigger records that themselves. I see the fight going the distance as a close fight to hard to pick although David is the favorite here. No pick here. I just see the fight going the distance either one can win the decision here on points.

Alex Oliveira vs Yancy Medeiros

I like Alex in this fight as he is the more creative fighter and will try to Take Yancys power away from him by taking him down but keep in mind Alex has KO’s behind him. Alex has fought better fighters on his record. I see Alex getting a nice submission win or a KO here. Alex Oliveira inside the distance if available.

Alex Oliveira to win head to head -235.

Paul Felder vs Charles Oliveira

I like Paul Felder in this fight he has been working on his striking lately. He recently knocked out Stevie Ray and Alex Ricci, so looking at Paul to continue his KO record. Paul Felder to win by KO if available.

Paul Feldor to win head to head -140.

When Should A UFC Fighter Retire?

by Octagon Betting ~ November 29th, 2017

You don’t have to love online sports betting to realize that the UFC fight game is intense, an adrenaline rush like few other sports on the scene.

In the realm of online betting or anywhere else, though, one has to concede that Father Time catches up with all athletes at some point. Knowing when to retire is important, especially for fighters who need to get out before they suffer too many injuries.

Fighters like UFC veteran Mark Hunt could be too tough for their own good. Hunt is the oldest active fighter in the UFC roster. Fighting becomes their identity and it’s all they know. Yet, in the end, only the fighter himself can make the ultimate decision regarding whether they feel they are healthy enough to still compete.

But not if UFC president Dana White has anything to do with it. White pulled the UFC fighter out of a recent Sydney event citing medical concerns stemming from brain trauma sustained during Mark Hunt’s career. He was flown to Las Vegas to get checked out by chief UFC medical adviser Dr Jeffrey Davidson. According to Dana White, “he may never fight in the UFC again” if he is not physically able to do so.

It goes without saying that Mark Hunt isn’t ready to officially announce retirement, he’s got an ongoing lawsuit with the UFC stemming from a UFC 200 bout with Brock Lesnar, and has threatened another lawsuit after he was removed from the Sydney card where he was meant to be headlining UFC Fight Night 121 with Marcin Tybura.

As it stands, Hunt’s record is (13-11-1 MMA, 8-5-1 UFC). It’s a fighting career that spans over two decades. He could be done in the UFC but not done fighting if cleared to fight in other promotions. Regardless of whether he fights again in the UFC or elsewhere, the “Super Samoan” will go down in the books as being a warrior and one of the toughest fighters in the heavyweight division who fought the best of the best.

He’s 42 years old and not getting any younger. His chin might still be fine but all the wars might be starting to catch up with him. In the Hunt vs. Bigfoot fight alone he took tons of punishment. Would you like to see Mark Hunt retire or continue fighting?

How Dangerous Is It To Fight In The UFC?

by Octagon Betting ~ November 27th, 2017

As the sport of mixed martial arts has exploded in popularity, so too has the argument on whether or not it is safe to be a UFC fighter.

Though the sport has come a long way since its early days, there are still people out there who consider it to be ‘human cockfighting’ or worse.

Every sport has an element of danger to it. There isn’t an organized sport in existence that has not resulted in injury for its participants from time to time. But when a sport is based around two people fighting each other, the violence seems more pronounced.

Sportsbook agents and everyone betting on sports have grown to love the sport in part due to its element of danger, but the reality is serious injuries in MMA are very rare, especially in the reputable, properly governed organizations like the UFC.

It goes without saying that fighters have access to the best medical care immediately after their fights.

Unlike in boxing, when most fights end because of punishment to the head, MMA fighters can target their opponent’s whole body. A submission like a leg lock is excruciating, but if the recipient taps out they are unlikely to incur any long-term damage. Boxers who take repeated punches to the head, however, can have many health troubles as they grow older.

If you bet on sports, you know every sport has an element of danger. But MMA has not been proven to be considerably more dangerous than any others.