Beginner’s Guide to MMA and UFC Prop Betting

by Octagon Betting ~ December 13th, 2017

A large number of sports bettors who bet on MMA and UFC events are unaware of what a prop bet means, and they even avoid betting on the different prop bets. However, there is lots of value in these kinds of bets. A prop bet refers to any exotic bets which don’t predict the winner of the fight. Most of the Prop Bets are choosing when and how a fight is going to end. It is not an easy task to predict MMA Prop Bets, but the payout is substantially higher than if you were to just bet on the moneyline.

Popular Types of MMA Prop Bets

There are a few key types of prop bets for MMA which are available at the majority of online sportsbooks. They include:

Method of Victory – As the name suggests, this prop bet predicts how the fight will end (KO/TKO, Submission or Decision). For example, Georges St-Pierre to win by Decision on his next fight.

Fight to Go the Distance – Will the bout last the distance and go to a decision or will it end early via KO/TKO or Submission.

MMA and UFC prop bets could cover things such as predicting which round the fight will end, and even which round and which fighter will win the fight. Another popular type of MMA and UFC bet found at most online betting sites is Over/Under round prop bets. For example, you can bet on a fight going Over/Under 2.5 rounds. If you expect a quick finish, then you can confidently bet the under. In 3 round fights, the prop will be Over/Under 1.5 rounds.

Basic Tips and Strategy

Typically, one would choose prop betting when they can be confident about exactly how the fight will go down. If you’ve done your homework you can get really good and it will become a consistent earner for you.

When it comes to predicting knockouts any fighter can put out the surprise by sending his opponent down. Generally, you would be narrowing down your options to the fighters who have the most number of KO/TKO wins. You can then check the opponents of these players and find out the fighter who has a weaker opponent. Make sure that you never bet the Knockout prop bet against a fighter who has a solid chin without concern of who his opponent is.

It is easier to predict submission winners in MMA bouts. You must always keep in mind that when a fighter usually doesn’t submit, you can leave him out of this prop bet. You must bet on the fighters who have a long and proven record of making their opponents submit, like for example, UFC welterweight Demian Maia, who possibly has the best submission game in MMA.

All these popular prop bets are interesting considerations when betting on mixed martial arts fights online. You can use them to enjoy some higher payouts and give yourself a chance of seriously building up a big bankroll.

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