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Georges St-Pierre, also referred to as GSP, is a world-class Canadian MMA fighter of French descent. He is currently signed to the UFC, and is the reigning Middleweight champion in the UFC, as well as a 3-time former Welterweight champion in the UFC, winning the title twice in 2006 and 2008, including an interim title during 2007.

He is arguably one of the greatest Mixed Martial Art fighters of all time and was ranked the number 1 welterweight in the world for multiple years by Sherdog, along with several other publications. Rodgers Sportsnet named him Canadian Athlete of the Year from 2008 through to 2010. Also, Fight Matrix has listed him as the best MMA Welterweight fighter of all time and the most proficient fighter in the history of MMA.

Georges St-Pierre retired in 2013 where he held the prestigious record for the most wins in title fights, as well as the second longest combined streak for the title in the history of the UFC, lasting 2,204 days. He made a return to the Octagon in March 2017 and managed to defeat Michael Bisping through submission to successfully claim the middleweight title. After the fight, Georges St-Pierre became the fourth fighter in the history of the UFC to be a multi-division champion.

With the above statistics in mind, there’s no valid reason not to call Georges St-Pierre the greatest of all time. There are loads of contributing factors that make Georges St-Pierre stand out from the crowd. He displays tremendous heart when winning a fight, he’s a ruthless finisher in each of his winning fights, and most importantly, he had the confidence in his beliefs to walk away during his peak. He essentially wanted a clean sport and returned to a sport that is overseen by USADA, as well as faced a true champion in Bisping.

For many years, Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva were neck-and-neck in the Greatest of all Time discussion. Unfortunately, Silva’s decline after St-Pierre initially walked away has been heart-breaking. Fedor Emelianenko went soft on one too many occasions, and Brett Rogers, as well as Hong-Man Chois, eventually declined. Jon Jones managed to self-sabotage his way out of the discussion, and Johnson’s body is nowhere near the same level as Georges St-Pierre’s.

Next Opponent

Currently Georges St-Pierre doesn’t have a fight scheduled, largely due to a neck injury that he picked up in his win against Bisping, but their is strong rumours that a super fight with, Welterweight Champion, Tyron Woodley will be announced early in the New Year. Depending what weight they fight at will impact the odds of this fight. If at Middleweight odds on sites like BetOnline will likely strongly favour Georges St-Pierre. However, if the fight is at welterweight, Tyron Woodleys natural weight, odds would be far closer. If GSP was to beat Woodley at welterweight it might just finalise Georges St-Pierre as the Best Pound-for-Pound of all time.

Let us know whether you think GSP is the best pound-for-pound of all time in the Polls question in the left sidebar where you can also vote for other fighters.

Analyzing facial expressions at pre-fight weigh-ins could give you good insight into who will win, research done in the past decade has concluded. The study was called A Winning Smile? Smile Intensity, Physical Dominance, and Fighter Performance, and the results were published here.

A group of psychologists at the University of Illinois and Cal-Berkley, tested whether smiles are signs of submission from fighters, and if individuals who do not smile are more likely to win. The hypothesis is that fighters who smile at their opponents lack the aggression that is required to win the fight. Additionally, their opponent will interpret their smile as a sign of weakness, which will give them extra motivation.

To test out the hypothesis, the smile intensity of 152 Mixed Martial Arts fighters were rated looking at 2008 and 2009 photos of MMA fighters staring down during the pre-fight weigh-ins and then compared these results to performance indicators during the fight. Smiles were rated in intensity between 0-2, the three ratings representing a neutral expression, a toothless smile, and a teeth-baring smile. Variables such as effective striking, effective grappling, takedowns and knockouts were taken into account to judge the fighter’s overall performance.

As the researchers expected, smile intensity predicted the outcomes of fights. Straight faced opponents tended to perform better than fighters who were smiling at the pre-fight weigh-ins, and this was true regardless of whether the method of victory was a knockout or other outcome. The idea behind the study is that people who smile more tend to have lower testosterone levels, and are less aggressive in nature compared to those who smile less frequently.

A follow up study confirmed the initial study’s findings, photos of MMA fighter’s faces were rated for aggressiveness and hostility, and fighters that smiled at the weigh-ins were perceived as being less aggressive and hostile, which translated into opponents dominating them in the fight. Obviously you can not get in the head of a MMA fighter to understand what they’re thinking, but it is somewhat surprising that most fighters are not aware of such signals, because for obvious reasons they would not be wanting to put themselves at a mental disadvantage leading into the fight.

Will you be using the results of both studies to help predict the outcome of MMA fights in future UFC bets? If nothing else, this research is interesting in that it looks into deeper psychological aspects of the fight game.

Is Conor McGregor Going to Fight Again in the UFC?

by Octagon Betting ~ December 2nd, 2017

UFC president Dana White would have a huge question on his mind. With McGregor landing the $100 million Mayweather deal in boxing, the Irish leprechaun with his big pot of money hasn’t stepped foot inside the Octagon in a year. As a result, the UFC has moved on – Max Holloway beat Jose Aldo and Tony Ferguson defeated Kevin Lee. Aldo will get a chance of reclaiming the UFC featherweight championship belt from Max Holloway in the UFC 218 main card.

“Conor might never fight again,” White told reporters at a media luncheon at UFC headquarters. McGregor has talked about his willingness to put it all on the line against Ferguson, although Dana has serious doubts over whether McGregor will ever return to the UFC. When you have $100 million in the bank, it’s easy to see you would be setup for life. Why would you get punched in the face for a living when you no longer have to worry about buying a house and paying the bills.

McGregor transcending the sport has been bitter sweet for the UFC. He has brought in millions of new viewers and thoroughly entertained fans but his gigantic popularity has meant he no longer realistically has to fight again and you can’t blame the fighter if that is what ends up happening. Conor has already done so much for the UFC and he has taken on a magical aura. Like the way he picked apart Eddie Alvarez have you seen any other UFC fighter do that? And the way you would predict his victories was marvelous to get fully immersed in Conor McGregor’s story.

You couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed if McGregor does retire from the UFC. There are still so many fights you would like to see. Of course, there is the trilogy fight with Nate Diaz that has to happen. Diaz hasn’t fought since his second fight with Conor McGregor where McGregor ground out a hard fought decision. Everyone wants to see the Tony Ferguson fight and to be honest if McGregor drops back down to 145 I’d like to see him fight Mendes again who put up a great account of himself in their first fight.

Talking to media, Dana White said there was a possibility of a return at the end of 2017 mentioning that Conor just wasn’t ready yet. Whilst speaking to media, he also mentioned the fact that the UFC promotion will continue with or without any fighter.

When Should A UFC Fighter Retire?

by Octagon Betting ~ November 29th, 2017

You don’t have to love online sports betting to realize that the UFC fight game is intense, an adrenaline rush like few other sports on the scene.

In the realm of online betting or anywhere else, though, one has to concede that Father Time catches up with all athletes at some point. Knowing when to retire is important, especially for fighters who need to get out before they suffer too many injuries.

Fighters like UFC veteran Mark Hunt could be too tough for their own good. Hunt is the oldest active fighter in the UFC roster. Fighting becomes their identity and it’s all they know. Yet, in the end, only the fighter himself can make the ultimate decision regarding whether they feel they are healthy enough to still compete.

But not if UFC president Dana White has anything to do with it. White pulled the UFC fighter out of a recent Sydney event citing medical concerns stemming from brain trauma sustained during Mark Hunt’s career. He was flown to Las Vegas to get checked out by chief UFC medical adviser Dr Jeffrey Davidson. According to Dana White, “he may never fight in the UFC again” if he is not physically able to do so.

It goes without saying that Mark Hunt isn’t ready to officially announce retirement, he’s got an ongoing lawsuit with the UFC stemming from a UFC 200 bout with Brock Lesnar, and has threatened another lawsuit after he was removed from the Sydney card where he was meant to be headlining UFC Fight Night 121 with Marcin Tybura.

As it stands, Hunt’s record is (13-11-1 MMA, 8-5-1 UFC). It’s a fighting career that spans over two decades. He could be done in the UFC but not done fighting if cleared to fight in other promotions. Regardless of whether he fights again in the UFC or elsewhere, the “Super Samoan” will go down in the books as being a warrior and one of the toughest fighters in the heavyweight division who fought the best of the best.

He’s 42 years old and not getting any younger. His chin might still be fine but all the wars might be starting to catch up with him. In the Hunt vs. Bigfoot fight alone he took tons of punishment. Would you like to see Mark Hunt retire or continue fighting?